Marketing and PR Discovery + Success Plan

Adam James, founder of Springup PR

Adam James, founder of Springup PR

Would you like a Marketing and PR Discovery + Success Plan for your business to know what results could be secured for you to reach your business’s financial and revenue goals?

How we can help you is:

Marketing and PR Discovery: 

* Help clarify with you about how marketing and PR initiatives and campaigns can benefit your business and its revenue goals

*  Help clarify with you what marketing and PR initiatives will be most effective and important to you, and why.

*  Help clarify with you what particular PR initiatives, e.g. media or digital/online exposure, will reach your target audiences and customers

* What key messages you’d like to convey to your audiences

* What ROI you’d like to see

* How specific PR and marketing strategies can help your business grow and win new customers

*  Spend up to 1 hour of time with you going through all of the above

* Do our own research to determine your company’s digital footprint and online reputation, if required. Plus a competitor analysis, if required.

What you get – A Marketing and PR Success Plan

* Produce a Marketing and PR Success Plan for your business – to cover an agreed time-frame, and to your specified budget.

* YourMarketing and PR Success Plan  – based on the discovery – will detail and show you step-by-step to how we can help secure you the marketing and PR goals you want.  We will review this plan with you.

* Your Marketing and PR Success Plan is yours – and you are under no obligation to use us as your agency after we have delivered this for you.

* The aim of yourMarketing and PR Success Plan is to help you by providing clarity, focus and precision. It also gives you additional time to get to know us better.

If you’d like to have a PR/Media Exposure Discovery + Success Plan please get in touch.

I look forward to talking with you,

All best,

Adam James